Mastering Well-Being

Stop burnout by living an authentic, healthy, energised and happy life, enjoying every single day. 

You shoulder a lot of responsibilities.

You are a high achiever.

You want to make a difference in the world. 

You don't want to let others down.

Having a sense of purpose and meaning is important for you.


As a result, you are very busy, and your days are far too short to accomplish all that you set out to do. 

At times, you feel overloaded and sometimes even desperate. It is a silent desperation.

While you try to get things done, your body does not always cooperate. You feel tired, not getting the appropriate amount of sleep, either because you feel there simply isn’t enough time or because you have trouble getting to sleep once you’re in bed. You may be plagued by digestive problems, muscle and joint aches and pains or headaches. These are some of the signs that you may be getting dangerously close to burn out.

Your friends and family are concerned, they tell you you should slow down. But you can’t. How on earth will you keep everything going, if you do?

You find yourself stuck between two equally difficult choices: either you keep going, suffering by pushing yourself and others, or you stop and risk losing everything. It is a serious dilemma, and it feels like there is no way out.

You may be at a point where you no longer have a choice--you have already reached burn out.


I have great news for you: There is an exit from this highway to burnout and exhaustion! The Path of Authentic Leadership


Living instead of being carried along,

Taking your life in your own hands

Feel energized, instead of feeling burned out.

Get rid of these exhausted, washed out feelings

Rediscover your passion

Find peace

Enjoy life 

Experience the break-through you need right now.


If you are really serious about your health and wellbeing, you must start making some changes in your life. And if you want these changes now, this program is exactly what you need. It is designed for you.

Coaching horses for wellbeing

In this 4-day program you go from being burned out to feeling vibrant and healthy. We engage with highly sensitive masters of intuition and communication: our coaching horses. These wise and powerful animals support and coach you every step along your path to well-being. You will be in their company for the duration.


Annemieken Van Reepingen will be your coach. She is a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist and coach.

She is an expert in 

  • physical health 
  • mental hygiene 
  • emotional well being 
  • spiritual well being 
  • and horse asisted coaching

With the horses, she will guide and support you as you experience this program in becoming an authentic leader of your life and health, doing what you love, feeling vibrant and energetic. 


Where and When?

2,3,4 and 5th of May 2019

 Our first retreat is organised in Normandy, France, in La Davière in Saint Sever Calvados in the middle of the forest of Saint Sever, just 70 kilometers from Caen airport.  An oasis of peace, magic and history our faciity was built in the 17th century.  There is a soul and history attached to this special place.  It is an environment where peace and revitalizing comes naturally. The horses blend in perfectly. 



You can sleep in a B&B nearby or in a wooden cabin in the forest. Camping is also a possibility. We can provide you all the information and support you need regarding travel and accommodations.


Normandy has a lot to offer, beautiful nature, historical places, nice towns, great food…Extending your stay even a few extra days would give you the opportunity to enjoy even more fully this charming part of the world. 


If you are interested in having this retreat at your place or a location near you, and you have a group of people in mind who might like to join you in this adventure, contact us. We can do this program in other locations, worldwide. 



There are 3 possibilties:

1. Basic formula

 In this basic formula you have

  • a first discovery session, 
  • the 3 day retreat 
  • and a follow up coaching session afterwards.


Investment: 1 450€ ( VAT 21% excl.) Drinks and lunch are inclusive. 


2. Golden formula

In this formula, you get:

  •  the discovery session
  • + 3 day retreat
  • +10 individual coaching hours ( that can be done life, on telephone or online)


This formula gives you the opportunity to get ongoing support in getting from burnout to wellness, being energised and healthy again. We coach you in implementing the insights and new strategies you got from the retreat week. New challenges may require additional tools and coping strategies to ban burnout forever. This additional individual coaching guarantees you that everything you took from the retreat can further develop and become part of your daily life. It offers you a personal and engaged partner in optimising your happiness, success and health, instead of falling back in your old patterns that eventually lead to burnout. You provide yourself the pêrfect coaching support for everything you engage in and wish to accomplish. 


Investment: 3 500€ (VAT 21% excl.)


3. Diamant formula

This High End Leadership program includes:

  •  the discovery session
  •  the 3 day retreat in Normandy
  • 20 individual coachng hours
  • 2 VIP days


This is an intensive coaching program, for leaders who want to

  • excell in authentic leaders. It is the kind of leadership that gets you followers out of free will 
  • develop your their social and emotional intelligence. 
  • know how to take care of and handle challenges for themselves and their coworkers at the first signs of burnout
  • learn and apply new positive leadership habits that will transform their own life and work. 
  • discover how to use these principles in leadership for others
  • learn advanced techniques in handling conflicts, 
  • handle difficult conversations in such a way that they become an opportunity for all parties involved 

This program is designed to help you BE the authentic leader you are. 


Investment: 10 780€ (VAT 21% excl.)